Photo by Holli Margell, winner of the Bronze Level Portrait Masters Image Awards 2023

Claire E. Jones

Existential glitter bomb. Dog mom. Bookworm. Romantic. Nerd. Creative AF. Dancer. Only child. Goof. Introvert. Blonde. Artaholic. Entrepreneur. Clairvoyant. Prochoice. Homebody. Philanthropist. Stoner. Intellectual. Visionary. German. Lithuanian. Welsh. Bisexual. Millennial. Intuitive. Liberal. Humanitarian. Pegan. Pagan. Witch. Anti-capitalist. Seattleite. Former Midwesterner. Pisces Sun. Pisces Moon. Leo Rising. Mercury in Aquarius. Five planets in Capricorn.

Claire E. Jones is the owner of Clairjoyance Publishing LLC, a small publisher in Seattle WA committed to
changing the world for the better through inclusive stories and practices.

Love in the Face of Death
(Threads of Destiny 1)

LBGTQ+ Romantasy Novel


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