Photo by Holli Margell

Claire E. Jones | Mentor

As an established small business and entrepreneurship expert of 17 years, Claire has founded and launched four of her own businesses and now mentors other creatives, visionaries, and innovators in achieving their goals in less time with less stress.

Level One: Free

Self-Publishing Mini Series

Join me for this mini series where I go over how to write, publish, and start selling your book in 52 weeks!

In these short 5- to 8-minute videos, I cover questions like:

  • How to outline books
  • Which self-publishing platform to use
  • How to market & sell your books with ease & consistency
  • What the differences are between self pub & trad pub options
  • How to commit to a writing schedule & hold yourself accountable
  • Why you need beta readers & where to find them
  • How to find quality editors, formatters, & cover designers and NOT spend $6k+
  • And more!!

“CLAIRE IS INCREDIBLE!!! Her services are so unique and tailored specifically to her clients. She is a JOY to work with and brings light and energy to her work.”

– Angel H.

Level Two: DIY

Self-Published Author 52-Week Planner

Write, publish, and sell your book (fiction or non) in a year with this all-in-one planner, workbook, and how-to guide!

This 52-week planner combines the power of neuroscience, wellness, production, marketing, and time management guidelines to support you in finally getting your book out of your head and into the hands of readers.


  • 8″ x 10″
  • Hardcover & Silver wire spiral bound
  • Almost 300 pages full of mind-expanding activities plus monthly, weekly, & daily planning with plenty of space for notes!

“Working with Claire was the highlight of the past year… [she] definitely knows what she is talking about and will LEAD YOU IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!”

– Eva M.

Level Three: Group

How to Market as a Creative Workshops

Comprehensive and interactive workshops for writers, artists, musicians, dancers, and anyone else who wants to monetize their creative outlets how to attract and engage a community of loyal supporters.

Learn data-based strategies on:

  • Why creating a personal brand is the first step to an effective marketing presence
  • What exactly marketing is and how to target the right audience
  • The various marketing platforms to consider when choosing where to focus your efforts
  • How to consistently engage your audiences in ways that are authentic to you
“I attended Claire’s group and GOT IMMEDIATE SOLUTIONS.”

– Rebecca P.

Level Four: Private

AMA Session

Pick my brain on all things business & creativity! Schedule a private 60-minute session to Ask Me Anything (AMA) about:

  • Self-Alignment
  • Brain-Friendly Productivity & Creativity
  • Time Management
  • Brain-Friendly Wellness Practices
  • Business Development, Organization, & Management
  • Marketing & Promotions
  • Self-Publishing
  • Leadership Practices
“WORKING WITH CLAIRE IS SO EASY. She explains things in an understandable way that makes me feel like I can accomplish any task.”

– Maureen K.