Engraved on a Heart of Flame

by Claire E. Jones

After he survived a near-fatal accident at the sacred fire temple and was forced to remain at home while his loyal guard journeyed to restore his powers, our struggling hero is warring with his inner monsters as the pressure continues to increase.

Join Rakhmet in this provocative story where he tries to find his way to redemption, but only ends up making things worse. Will he learn his lessons, or continue down a path of destruction?

Each novel of this eight-book series will focus on the blessed ones that wield their powers against the malevolent forces that seek to destroy them while also exploring the complex intricacies of love, hate, and everything in between.

Will they succeed before it’s too late?

/ out of 5

⭐ Hardback Features Exclusive Bonus Chapter! ⭐

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LGBTQ+ Pansexual Fantasy Romance (adult or new adult)

The romance is the secondary of two dominant plot arcs

Takes place in an alternate world

Magic and supernatural elements

3rd person narrative


Profanity, violence, explicit (consensual) sexual content, alcohol consumption, and references to past deaths of loved ones

Single point of view (Rakhmet)