In the world of personal and professional development, people are tremendously uncertain about how to get ahead and which decisions are right for them, their families, and their careers. People want to scale up, but they’re wiped out. They’re working hard but they’re just not breaking through. They are driven but they don’t always know exactly what they want. They desire to go for their dreams but they’re afraid they will be judged crazy or fail if they try.

The unrelenting tasks, self-doubt, overwhelming choices and responsibilities are enough to exhaust and frustrate anyone. You may feel capable and may experience “peak performance” once in a while but you’re tired of the ups and downs. You’re hopeful and ready to make a change, but lacking direction and the right mindsets. You risk living unexciting, disconnected, unfulfilling lives.

This isn’t just unsettling, it is downright frustrating. You have good intentions and a strong work ethic, but you don’t even know where to apply them. You have people counting on you but you’re not sure which direction to point. Even if you don’t feel completely overwhelmed, you might sense that you are plateauing. Maybe you feel like you’re about to be left behind.

The “what’s next” questions are throwing you off: Where to now? How to go higher? Why are others climbing more quickly than I am? When, if ever, can I relax and set down some roots? Does it always have to feel like such a grind? Am I really living my best life?

What you need is a reliable guide and support system to unleash your potential. You need a coach that will focus on you and help you identify your capabilities and available resources that you can apply to your life. You need intentional focus so that you can determine what is most important, what to do next, what perspective to take, how to break up the action steps, what is in the way, and what resources are needed.

With coaching, you will be empowered with insights about who you are, what you have learned and still need to learn, and what meaningful actions will get you there. You’ll be able to rewire your neural pathways and feel a new sense of vital energy and confidence from knowing where to focus your energies and how to serve most effectively. You’ll understand how to keep growing after you’ve enjoyed initial success. And you’ll know exactly how to think and what to do as you progress toward your goals and dreams

You will be able to live a life in which your full potential is in play, you will have a vital sense of well-being, you will be capable of leading others to excellence, and you will be deeply fulfilled. Assuming you bring full intention and discipline to deploying your coaching insights, you will enter a very transformational period of your life and career. You will become even more extraordinary.

Client-focused coaching takes on a deeper meaning when there is the potential to connect your neurons in new ways, leading to novel thoughts, beliefs, or feelings. All of your existing perspectives, mindsets, beliefs, habits, and values are neural pathways embedded in your brain. When encouraged to identify and evaluate them out loud with a coach, you are then empowered to intentionally choose and embed new neural pathways (i.e. neuroplasticity).

Coaching in this way can provide the neural foundations to fuel the courage to step out beyond the comfortable and familiar, help you learn from your experiences, and literally and metaphorically increase and help fulfill your potential.

How do YOU want to thrive?