Coronavirus, Ascension Models, & Video: How to Pivot Your Business Online in Challenging Times

by | Mar 23, 2020 | Blogs | 0 comments

I know a lot of us are struggling as we are faced with the current reality…⁣

>>> in-person interactions are no longer safe and a lot of previously trusted business models are no longer viable.⁣

So what can we do about it?⁣

In this information-packed webinar, I go over how to:

– structure our offerings using an Ascension Model,
– use video technology to support and distribute our products and services,
– market our virtual offerings effectively,
– process virtual payments, and
– access small business support grants and loans ⁣in times of disaster.

There’s a Buddhist philosophy that encourages us to make medicine out of poison, because sometimes innovation and evolution require necessity. Sometimes we are pushed, kicked, and thrown out of our comfort zones. Sometimes business as usual is turned on its head and I don’t want that to defeat us.

So let me know, how can I support you through this? I hope some of the information I presented here helps, but please do reach out to me if you want any more information on anything. My doors are open to you all, I’m here for you.

How do YOU want to thrive?